Glass art paintings for private and corporate art collections.
Designed  to view from a distance, Terri wants to slowly pull you in to connect with her glass paintings - to get lost in the details.  Her art is created for those who want to reveal  something about themselves and their love for original art - they can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, 

Hong Kong and Israel.


Light in Bloom  |  34" x 57"  |

conceptually and aesthetically driven

Terri’s  glass art paintings are conceptually and aesthetically driven 

with  designs that vary from literal interpretations to capturing the essence  of a subject - 

moving from representational art to abstract art. 

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Just Before dawn

"Just before Dawn" is a commission art piece for the employee entrance and lounge at the corporate headquarters of a national insurance company. The client wanted to have a glass art painting created for this space, that would both inspire and motivate their employees.


In Darkness light dawns

"My grandfather shook the family tree when he left his family farm in northern Ohio to pursue his dream - to attend The Ohio State University and become an engineer. He left the farm, his dream came true, and along the way he never forgot his roots - he brought his love of horticulture with him.            

I remember my grandfather's greenhouse. Once I walked through the glass door it was as if I had fallen down the rabbit hole. It was a magical place that housed a huge rubber tree plant (that I expected to come to life at any moment), and stunning orchids - exotic flowers that captivated me and at the same time were too beautiful to touch. In his own way, my grandfather was an "Orchid Hunter".

The memory of the orchids in my grandfather's greenhouse and the orchid exhibition at the Franklin Park Conservatory inspired this glass art painting.

You can only imagine my astonishment when I walked into a collector's home and saw this piece hanging on a wall with Aminah Robinson paintings.  I have admired Ms. Robinson's work for many years and to see my work placed among hers, was amazing!" - Terri 


franklin park conservatory

In conjunction with the Chihuly Re-Imagined Exhibition.


duo trio exhibition

An exhibition at the Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery.


The James Gallery - Art and healing

An exhibition at The James Art Gallery located in The James Comprehensive Cancer Hospital within The Ohio State University Medical Center.

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