When we find ourselves in the midst of the fire,
the burning desires within us can be silenced.
Just as sand is beautifully transformed into glass under fire, 

we too, can be transformed, by hope.  

As a contemporary glass artist, Terri creates glass paintings 

to awaken emotions within us - emotions to uplift our spirits.


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Voice of the Meadow


In the Silence | Detail


Out of the Storm

Glass Paintings or Glass Sculptures?

Some art collectors look at her glass art and see glass paintings -  

others see glass sculptures. 

Either way, they see a technique that is truly unique and unlike any other glass art form.  Whether created as a commission art piece for a public space, a place for healing, for a home or for an art gallery - 

Terri’s desire is for her glass art to bring light into our world. 

Terri’s work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout 

the  United States, Hong Kong and Israel.

the inspiration of her glass art

Terri's creativity is driven by inspiration.  It’s internally driven – 

she uses what she sees to help express what is inside of her.  It comes deep from within.  

As an artist, Terri is inspired by Renoir - his philosophy quickly became hers. 

“To  my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful, and pretty,  yes pretty! There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is  without creating still more of them.” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir  

If it is hopeful, if it is joyful, or if it brings peace - most likely it will inspire her.  

Seeing the beauty in this world and all it's wonders - Terri's art celebrates life. 

"This Inspired This"

As you explore this website, you’ll find sections titled, “This Inspired This” - these are photographs Terri has taken that inspired her to create glass art paintings. 



"With One Another" is a glass art painting that was inspired by a garden of iris.  The iris is named from the Greek Goddess Iris,  
who used  the rainbow as a bridge
between heaven and earth.  Today the rainbow is a covenant,  a bridge between heaven and earth -  

a bridge of hope and peace.


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Terri Albanese - Painting with Glass

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