creating uplifting art for healing environments

There is an underlying healing power of art.
A piece of art has the ability to evoke powerful emotions within a given space. Terri creates glass art paintings to enrich an environment and to have an immediate impact of the emotional wellbeing of others – she wants her art to be a part of the healing process. 

Her work is an invitation to the viewer, to stop and take a breath, if  only for a moment. 


The James - Bringing Healing and Bringing Hope

During Terri’s exhibition at The James Art Gallery, within The James Comprehensive Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University Medical Center, she had the privilege of meeting people who were trying to find hope in a time of uncertainty – people who are in the midst of the fire.

The reaction she saw in others, both in their stories and with unspoken words touched her deeply.

Whether she creates a glass painting to bring hope to those who are facing life’s challenges, to warmly welcome visitors into a public space, or to bring joy to a family within their home - Terri creates glass paintings to awaken emotions that uplift others to bring hope and joy.

the healing power of art

When patients are able to feel joy and comfort, rather than depression and stress, their emotional wellbeing can have a positive effect on their 

healing time.


Giving Light

Springfield Medical Center 

Healthcare facilities are devoting special spaces and budgets for original art to benefit their patients and their staff.

Terri worked with Senior Designers with Spellman Brady & Company, St.  Louis, Missouri on this commission art piece for their client.  

"Giving Light" was created as an unspoken means to bring hope to those  who walk through these Chapel doors..

Peace + hope during times of uncertainty

Inspired by the wonders of nature, Terri creates glass art paintings to help others find peace and hope during times of uncertainty.  Just as sand is beautifully transformed into glass under fire, 

she believes we too can be transformed, by hope.

we all benefit

Healthcare facilities have recognized the importance of providing healing and aesthetically pleasing environments for their patients, families and staff.

patients are the greatest beneficiaries of art.

 “If an art installation gets a patient out of his room or paintings take a person’s mind off their pain and lowers their stress levels, the art isn’t just decorative anymore. It’s part of the entire model of care.” - Dr. Lisa Harris, 

family and friends benefit

Family and friends of patients spend time sharing and experiencing art that is created to bring hope during  times of uncertainty.

Medical Staff

Original commission art can foster a calming environment - offering a soothing respite from the daily challenges experienced by medical professionals.


with all boldness

"With All Boldness"  is a glass art painting commissioned by a loving husband for his wife. When she courageously completed her chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer, he wanted to give her a gift to remind her of her strength through this journey.

He had something specific in mind – a peony, as peonies are her favorite flower.

Terri spent time understanding the origin and symbolism of a peony for this commission art piece - and how to connect a peony with this woman and her experience..  She was amazed to learn that in the Eastern culture peonies are a symbol of courage. So she titled the piece – “With all Boldness”.

After presenting the concept to the client, he was moved to write a poem for his wife. This became part of his healing.  This is the underlying healing power of art. He titled it “With All Boldness”. 

See his poem to the right.

With All Boldness

With all boldness a river of black invades me

Doubts and fears float in its current

My tomorrows now hide in dark waters.

With all boldness my doctors wade in

They know this river, they know its bends

My body and mind float in their hands.

With all boldness my spirit prays

For sparkling waters my eyes can’t see

A braver me as yet unknown.

With all boldness my flower blooms

From mud, invisible air, cleansing rain

Beauty grows alongside the black river.


Sunflowers in the Windstorm

this inspired this

"When I first saw this painting, "Sunflowers in the Windstorm", it immediately captivated me and continues to 

be one of my favorite paintings at the Columbus Museum of Art.. Not only was this painting breathtaking, I 

saw it as a symbol of hope. I can't tell you how many times I've stood in front of this painting and each time my soul was stirred.

The Darkness
“Sunflowers in the Windstorm” was painted in 1943 in the midst of World  War II, by German impressionist Emil Nolde – an artist persecuted by the  Nazis. I saw sunflowers bending low and grieving with sorrow, and yet  not broken. I saw a dark and ominous sky, and yet on the horizon there  is a gleam of light. I saw that in the darkest of times it is the light,  as dim as it may be that brings hope.

The Light
In 2019 we learned the truth - Nolde was not persecuted by the Nazis, he was a Nazi.  As I pondered this horrific truth, I found myself with many  questions. Could I really love this painting again? Why did the  sunflowers not break? Why was there light on the horizon? What was in  his heart? In his lifetime, did he ever find the true light?

I have the answer to one of these questions. Yes, I can love this  painting again. I can marvel at the beauty of this painting and share it’s story - that in time truth is brought to light." - Terri


light in bloom

The story about "Sunflowers in the Windstorm" inspired me to create "Light in Bloom" - a glass art painting with sunflowers that are boldly standing with joy and hope, as they are embraced by the light. 

In light we find hope.


Interwoven. spring + hope

With Spring comes light, with light hope. 

Just as Spring is the bridge between the barren darkness of winter and the abundant warm sunlight of summer - Hope is the bridge between darkness and light.
Inspired by the hope of Spring, white tulips are stunningly beautiful flowers 

that symbolize hope and pure and perfect love - they also carry with them a message of forgiveness.

And forgiveness is yet another bridge.

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